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  • Innsbruck - the provincial capital of Tyrol (60 km); Alpine Zoo Innsbruck– 2,000 animals belonging to 150 species are exhibited in naturalistic pens, terrariums and aquariums.
  • Hall - the "city of the coin" (55 km)
  • Schwaz - the "silver city" (43 km)
  • Rattenberg - the "class city" (40 km)
  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds – The Swarovski Crystal Worlds invite you to a journey through the dream world of fairy tales.
  • The "Magical World of Glass" at Kisslinger in Rattenberg. On the over 1000 m² large exhibition area of Kisslinger Crystal Glas, visitors can watch the glass blowers create cups, little glass animals, and much more.
  • Farm museum in Kramsach (45 km)
     A collection of historical farms from all over the Tyrol. It encompasses an area of about 8 hectares.
  • WasserWunderWelt Krimml/Wald (36 km)
    Experience the fascination of water at the Krimml waterfalls. See many interesting features and have fun in the Aqua Centrum, the Aqua Parc, at the Aqua Vision.
  • Planetarium - Königsleiten Observatory (28 km)
    Europe's highest-altitude planetarium and its observatory are located in the nearby village Königsleiten. A six-kilometer-long Planets' Path around Königsleiten is supposed to render the dimensions of our solar system understandable for the human mind.
  • Nordkette: Experience the "Seegrube"
  • Adventure Goldmine Zell:  Feel how the interior of the mountain is alive and experience 350 years's worth of history of this nearly forgotten trade in a multimedia presentation within the mine. Find out about the work conditions beneath the surface, the lives of the miners, and their social environment.
  • Alpine Road Schlegeis Reservoir – see mountain reservoirs.
  • Wolfsklamm Stans – go on a soulsearching trip through the Wolfklamm gorge to the St. Georgenberg monastery.
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